Sunday, November 18, 2012

an experiment upon my body.

My poor body.

But really, I am very lucky to have the body I have. I am quite unintentional about my eating, exercising and well-being so it is actually quite impressive that I have the wonderful body I do have. I think my body is great! (And so does, Ben! :) )

However, lately I've been noticing signs that may suggest my body is not as healthy as I have always assumed. So I've decided to do a 30-day clean eating and intentional exercising experiment. Since no one really reads this blog, I feel like it's safe space to help me be accountable and record how I'm really feeling.

So here's the deal. I'm going to do a 30 day paleo challenge. Not strict paleo, since my comprehension of paleo is at about 60%. What I really want to see happen is an increase in vegetable/fruit consumption and to cut out most of my flour intake. I just have a slight inclination that the reason my body is stressing out is because I'm on a pretty high carb, high fat diet. 

In addition to diet changes, I'm going to the gym. I'd like to see myself at the gym six days a week. I've never done much weight training but I've recently been turned on to the benefits of lifting heavy objects. I'm also going to decrease my long distance running and increase my interval training on the treadmill. I'm hoping to burn a few more calories this way. I've found a couple of intense interval training workouts on pinterest and I'm excited to try something different. 

Well, here it goes! I will be back tomorrow night to record how the day went, what I ate, and how my gym experience was. 

Saturday, August 13, 2011

This has been the first summer that I haven't been a lifeguard/swim teacher/swim coach in, well, lots of time and my melanin levels have yearned to be poolside. As it turns out, basement floors in the Harold B. Lee Library do not excite as previously thought.

But it's been a full summer. A GOOD summer.  Vitamin-B (copy-righted by Phil Dunphy!) and I went home to see family. I don't even think it's offensive in my family to ignore adults anymore.  Baby Ellen and Sam have trumped six adults.

Sam, who has added dances such as "robot diaper" and "git it git it boy" to his repertoire. Steve Jobs, FaceTime has been a blessing!            
Ben's family has the best cottage on Douglas Lake in Northern Michigan. I had a great time getting to know Ben's extended family and bond with his immediate family. Plus, nothing get's a man's heart going like a lake and a tent.

See what I mean?

Finally, we came back to Provo. And work. And dry heat. And messy houses. But we've found ways to be happy. Like we hiked Squaw Peak a few weeks ago. 

This is the exact moment that we realized our children will have hyper-productive sweat glands. If it's any consolation to them, we know how you feel.
Also, Ben's best friend got engaged! Garrison and Meredith are planning on getting married the same day as we did exactly one year after us, so for the rest of our lives we'll be connected through marriage date. Can't wait to go to their wedding and celebrate with them! This time, I'm eating all of the food. I got ripped off by nerves at my wedding.  I'm comin' for you, Wildfire.

More to come about up-coming school, spiritual thoughts and book reviews!


Saturday, June 18, 2011

I love doing triathlons and a couple of months ago I was wanting to another one, so I signed myself up for the Provo Triathlon. It turns out that I didn't work out for 2 weeks before the triathlon. But I survived! Ben was so awesome and woke up at 6 to come watch me swim, bike run! (I'm pretty sure he came because he wasn't sure that I'd actually be able to finish)

Here I am getting my transition area set up. This is also when Ben was exposed to the insane triathlon-ers. It was hilarious to hear him make fun of people with $5000 bikes and unnecessary gear. Because it's true, they are ridiculous. Also, that "22" on my calf is my age. I expected them to write my number on my calf so when they asked me for my age, I must admit all I could say was "uhhh."

EVERYONE was wearing wetsuits! I was really embarrassed while we all stood waiting to get in the water but I didn't get hypothermia and I didn't have to pull off a wetsuit! But it was a beautiful sunny morning!

Water polo instincts kicked in at this phase of the race. Water polo girls do not put up with people swimming over the top of them, so out my elbows and kicks came! After I informed people of swimming ettiquette, the swim went well, Utah Lake is not as disgusting as everyone says it is but it was real flooded! So flodded in fact, that they cancelled the olympic distance race! I guess my lack of ambition paid off!

As Ben lovingly pointed out to me, I have a weak bike game. I know this. About 2 weeks before the triathlon I still didn't have a bike. So Ben and I shopped around for bikes on-line and I just wasn't feeling spending a ton of money on a bike. One day, Ben took me home for lunch and there was a brand new bike on our doorstep!! It was so sweet! He said he had butterflies while we were walking to our house...He is the best!!

And here's the finish! I look like I'm about to bust out into a "single ladies" routine, but really I just have wimpy looking fists. I finished 14th overall and 7th in my age group.

Maybe someday I'll actually train for a triathlon. Until then, I love suffering through them!

Friday, May 27, 2011

power of the wasatch

So I heard a co-worker talking about how they were embarrassed of some activity they were ashamed of doing. It was probably the Quill and Sword, because I pictured them in a cape and wielding a sword. That image looked really familiar.

But then I remembered that I was in the Cougar Marching Band. I wasn't just a member of the Cougar Marching Band. I was a tuba player in the Cougar Marching Band. Woof, right? (but it's not like I was in the color guard or anything. Embarrassing.)

But after being out of marching band for a year, I kinda miss doing this:

Maybe it's because I've been playing in the marching band since I was this old:

That's a four year distance between photos (and 30 lbs. in tuba). Also. I wish I had taken that leopard tuba pad with me forever.

But my kids are going to love making fun of these pictures. And I can't wait. 

I additionally cannot wait for Ben to build this:

Can you even imagine?

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Just a Pile of Surprises

Really, the only surprise is that today has been GREAT when it was previously thought to be pretty not great.

To toss the first surprise in the pile, I visited the Midas Automotive Center with a coupon for a tire rotation, oil change and filter something-something all for $25! Please don't tell me if this is not a good deal, because I love getting discounts. That's why the game San Juan and I get along so well. Now, Midas didn't get me out in 30 minutes like they said they would and they also told me that multiple parts of our car were broken, but I refused to let The Man get me down...After all, taking good care of our car is a big step for me: I felt productive and responsible. Try to see the silver lining, folks.

The game of discounts.

After Midas, my day took me to volunteer at a pre-school for children with autism. I loved every minute of it. I loved when the children wanted to hold my hand while we walked to recess. I loved when they wanted to sit next to me during story time. I loved when they laughed at my jokes. I loved being around other people who clearly were there because they LOVED those kids. And to top it all off, the teacher is submitting my name to be hired in the fall! I was so excited. This will be a great job for after I graduate and am "in-between" educational ventures.

The good times kept rolling when I went straight to my 8-hour stint at the Harold B. Lee Library. Once I arrived, I realized that one of my co-workers had changed my facebook status to "such bad diarrhea!!" Turns out, lots of people have a lot to say about my diarrhea. Can you believe it? They care about MY VERY OWN DIARRHEA!! I was thrilled. I even punched him when he came in to work. 
But true to myself, I didn't let that ruin my day. My friend and co-worker Liz, trains guide dogs and we came up with a brilliant way to market the Social Sciences Department. You'll see how the two relate in a few days. 
Also concerning the Social Sciences Department, I have been commissioned to re-do the flora of our desk! So far, we've bought a beautiful Peace Lily. Liz and I even got to go on a on-the-clock field trip to Home Depot to check out their stash of plants and plant accessories. It was a great way to make my work go by faster.

I realize that I may seem sarcastic about how great this day was. But really, I've had the best day (shout out to Elder Osguthorpe and this talk). I have felt Heavenly Father's presence in my life in the past few days far more than I have in the past couple of months. And Ben let me have his Dr. Pepper while I was at work. What a guy.

So even though our car has broken parts and the scooter died while Ben was riding it to class, this has been a day for champions. 

One last thing. 
No one got voted off Biggest Loser last night. It was a for reals festivus miracle for Jay.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mountains Beyond Mountains

It's odd how long it's taken me to get through Tracy Kidder's book, Mountains Beyond Mountains since generally, books that fill me up with a cornucopia of emotions easily override every other activity in my life.

I'm tempted to think it's taken me so long because I often juxtaposed myself with the book's subject, Dr. Paul Farmer. I need to stop. I mean, the man's title is "Partner to the Poor," I don't stand a chance! In addition, this man is one of the most Christ-like examples of selfless service and REAL, grass-roots, international development (not the "here, take some money" way but development the way King Benjamin in Mosiah 4 would do it) And get this, he's clever, funny, and comes from an under-privileged family.  
I'm in love and ashamed. I'm ashamed becauseI have had experiences that taught me much about the world and Christ and love and poverty and inequality. And look at the way I live my life. So I resolve to do better! 

I can't even begin to tell you how great I think this man is. 

Here are some great quotes that made my heart jump:

Speaking of political correctness: "It's a very well-crafted tool to distract us. A very self-centered activity. Clean up your own vocabulary so you can show everybody you have the social capital of having been in circles where these things are talked about on a regular basis." - Jim Kim, PIH Co-founder

Speaking of appearance: The goofiness of radicals thinking they have to dress in Guatemalan peasant clothes. The poor don't want you to look like them. They want you to dress in a suit and go get them food and water. Comma." (Paul uses "comma" the way you and I use "Idiot")

"It should be enough to humbly serve the poor." -Paul Farmer

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Initiation Rites

Ben and I have now been wed for lo these past three months! Though we've both been working and going to school (some work more, some school more), there has been opportunity enough to take part in the rites of passage required of newlyweds. 
Internet, I introduce you to Number 5's bathroom.    
Ceremony #1: The De-Molding of a Bathroom.
 Really, the problem lies beyond the limits of this picture, above the shower to be specific. Mold, of the blue-green variety,  grows like we feed it well-balanced meals, three times a day on our bathroom walls AND around our windows. It is the worst thing in my life. So I called landlord Jorgen and explained how I had cleaned it once and did not want to do it again.  He dispatched the handy-man and within a week our bathroom had been cleaned with moldicide and re-painted with high-end paint. Not that cheap stuff you see now-a-days. It looks so clean and nice now! Handy Manny even increased the number of light bulbs in our bathroom by 400%! What a guy. 

To be honest, I cannot think of all of the other really clever things I was going to fill this blog post with. So for now, enjoy this post and dream of wonderful posts to come!