Sunday, November 18, 2012

an experiment upon my body.

My poor body.

But really, I am very lucky to have the body I have. I am quite unintentional about my eating, exercising and well-being so it is actually quite impressive that I have the wonderful body I do have. I think my body is great! (And so does, Ben! :) )

However, lately I've been noticing signs that may suggest my body is not as healthy as I have always assumed. So I've decided to do a 30-day clean eating and intentional exercising experiment. Since no one really reads this blog, I feel like it's safe space to help me be accountable and record how I'm really feeling.

So here's the deal. I'm going to do a 30 day paleo challenge. Not strict paleo, since my comprehension of paleo is at about 60%. What I really want to see happen is an increase in vegetable/fruit consumption and to cut out most of my flour intake. I just have a slight inclination that the reason my body is stressing out is because I'm on a pretty high carb, high fat diet. 

In addition to diet changes, I'm going to the gym. I'd like to see myself at the gym six days a week. I've never done much weight training but I've recently been turned on to the benefits of lifting heavy objects. I'm also going to decrease my long distance running and increase my interval training on the treadmill. I'm hoping to burn a few more calories this way. I've found a couple of intense interval training workouts on pinterest and I'm excited to try something different. 

Well, here it goes! I will be back tomorrow night to record how the day went, what I ate, and how my gym experience was. 

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